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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decided to go to India!

I accepted a position with my company at our Bangalore location on April 26th, since then my to-do list has grown exponentially! While I am beyond excited and am blessed with support from my spouse and three children... I am a little anxious that I can really make it all happen by August 1st!

While I am away, many things will stay the same. I will still be a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor and an employee. However, my daily form of self-expression will be radically shaped by my surroundings from the clothes I wear, the food I eat and whomever I find to tame my carefully treated hair...One thing that will be consistent are the shoes on my feet. So you'll find this well soled expat leaving my mark in the dust or the office in the same stilettos that have carried me from Paris to Shanghai. Good thing feet are not scandalous!

Join me on my journey, I promise to share the preparations, first impressions, best advice and what you must do or avoid so that you can build your dreams too.



  1. Becky, I will LOVE following this blog! I am so excited for you.....and we're right in the neighborhood if we can lend a hand with anything before your departure or while you're gone, PLEASE call on us!

  2. Hi Becky - it's Heather the blog already and can't wait to read about your experiences in India. Take Care!