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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Great Escape - Facebook, the movie

Even a totally normal activity is somehow different in India.   We went to see the Social Network this afternoon with Emma and Nolan.   I am sure it's rated PG-13 or R back in the States but in India, no rating applied and all the f* words are cut out - so we figured it was a safe family movie since our other choice was Due Date that does carry an Adult warning in India (must be pretty bad).    Here the story begins, we arrive 10 min before showtime and make use of the ATM like movie ticket dispenser - all is good - 4 tickets Rs1000 ($22 USD).    Walk through an airport type security line which includes a scan of my purse.    Ok - good thing they are checking for weapons but the teenage security guard seemed more focused on outside food that might be tucked away in my purse.    On to the concession stand - Value Pack #4, 2 large popcorns and 2 small pepsis Rs250 or about $5.50 USD.    Pretty good value.  

In India, you can only get to your seat about 1 minute before the movie is scheduled to start; so like anything else here - there is no queue just a semi-organized blob.   First in and we pick the center seats mid-way up the seating.    As we are munching away on our snacks we notice people really paying attention to their tickets and looking at the seats.    Could it be assigned seating?    This is a movie theater, open seating, right?   Just as the movie begins we are told we are in someone else's seats but fortunately they were kind enough to direct us to G5, 6, 7, 8 just one row up.    Surprised by this level of organization, we settle in the darkness focused on the big screen.

The movie was great, I actually forgot I was in India for a good portion of the show.   College campuses, American jargon, Justin Timberlake (filling the role of the guy who created nabster - rather poetic I think).   It brought me back to my campus days, about 10 years earlier, even the AEPi fraternity party - some sort of Carribbean theme which is just like one I attended @ Michigan where the basement was filled with sand.    I think that this was the first time I totally relaxed, detached from life and work since I have arrived...Until Intermission hit - back to the concession stand, refill the popcorn and then finish the movie.     We topped the night off with dinner at McDonalds.  No Masala.  

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