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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost or Forgotten

11th anniversary necklace "Lost"
Let's start off by saying I am a highly organized person.  I do not misplace, lose, forget or borrow anything.  I will remember the first time I saw you, what you were wearing and where we met.  Makes for a tough argument.    I know where each pair of my 200 shoes are at any given time; all my accessories are sorted and stored.     I enjoy cleaning out closets and making labels for fun.   So call me Monica (Friends TV Show reference....).   My journey to India has flipped me upside down - literally.     In the first 2 months I have "lost" black pants, eyeliner, cover up, a David Yurman Necklace and a black diamond ring.    Additionally, I regularly forget my employee badge, cell phone and current notebooks.     I have been feeling lost.   Personally I am feeling a loss on multiple levels;  friendship, comfort and routine.  Professionally, I feel lost in a sea of very smart people.    Finding my way is part of the journey in India.  

Here today, gone tomorrow is the story of my life these days.  I see something I like in the grocery store - buy it now - because it might be three months before Ragu spaghetti sauce comes back...or more realistic two weeks before you pass by this particular store at a decent hour.     Events have unfolded indicating I am not a complete lunatic, some items have "reappeared."  I am convinced my favorite maid/ cook is borrowing my things while I am not home.     The entire family turned every drawer upside down and not one of my lost items was found, however the day we filed the police report, the make up reappeared- clearly used (YUCK).    So tomorrow is the ultimatum.  Jewelry back or job lost.   I will not be able to forget.  

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