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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maid me Crazy!

We fired our maid, Sudha.  It was one of the most difficult things I have done in a while.    You may think as a HR professional, I would be used to "Exit Discussions" however they are usually due to business conditions, not theft.    In my previous blog, Domestic Matters, my David yurman jewelry was missing.   Having items stolen out of your home rattled me more than I could have expected.    In early December, I found a similar necklace on eBay and purchased it.   I felt a little better to at least have my anniversary present back.    Just a few days later, the original necklace reappeared in my purse pocket.   Fishy.   The funny thing is that I has a feeling that my purse was opened.   However when no money was missing, I went on with the day.    There was only one person with access to my purse, Sudha.   

The next few days her presence irritated me to no end.  I knew she was responsible for taking the necklace and returning it.    Should i hold out for my ring to show up?  What about the missing black pants, Addidas track pants, pink ipod and now $120 USD missing from Mom's purse.     I still gave her a Christmas bonus and some clothes Nolan had grown out of.  I was hoping that my generosity would return the missing items.    No luck.   On January 3rd we sacked her.   She had nothing to say.    We withheld her December salary since she clearly has paid herself with the US cash from Mom's purse.   Doug took her Palm Meadows ID and out she went.   

My tactic was to wait a week and see if the ring showed up or at least she admitted to it.    I would gladly give her December salary if I got something back.    No luck.  She has called our driver asking for the cash, but he is on our side and only asks where is Madame's ring.   

Doug is now playing the role of maid and cook, the laundry is a little behind but I do think the food is better.   What are the chances he will continue to do this for $200 a month...

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