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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Words to live by

My employer has a performance review process that culminates in November with notice of your raise, bonus and performance rating for the year.     To support this construct, each person has their own advocate, commonly called a "Career Counselor."   This counselor reviews all the feedback given throughout the year, makes a final rating suggestion and then sits through the moderation to represent your case.    I am very lucky to have the same person as my advocate for the last 4 years.   FG (her name is withheld to protect her identity) is a straight shooter, open thinker and frankly just fun to work with.   While I have moved to India, I have retained my relationship with FG.    

This week we had a virtual annual review, 730 am for me and 9 pm for her.    Our conversation was all over the place - a mix of how am I doing now, where I am going, a little gossip and problem solving for the world.   I have to admit, I am feeling overworked right now and it's virtually impossible to do anything but work, collapse, sleep, coffee, work.    I am hiring a personal Yoga trainer, who will come to my house at 6 am three days a week to make sure my mind and body are limber.   Doug will be joining me too.    FG knows my cycle - full force, mild collapse and then a restart.   We are trying to avoid the mild collapse, so hopefully the yoga will do it's trick for me.     However as a back up, she has given me three goals for 2011:
- Give some sh*t
- Don't take any sh*t
- Get yourself a minion
I have decided to post for a minion, some of my favorite colleagues are open to applying but they wanted clarification if I need a slavish type minion or more of a favorite person to be at my side.    I guess I have to decide, but my preference would be a smart favorite who can do slavish tasks.   Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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