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Thursday, March 17, 2011

All for Love...

Suited up and full of faith
When Doug and I first were married, we had these grand plans to get Scuba certified when we went to Hawaii.    Three kids later, a move to India and 15 years of marriage, we have taken action.    Now, to be honest, this was no longer one of my dreams or even something in my "bucket list."    We have made plans to go to the Maldives for Easter week and that is one of the best places to dive in the world.    Seemed like a crime to go there and just see the water from the beach.    Doug researched our options and to our surprise we have a dive shop in Bangalore.  Land locked but still cosmopolitan, the Bangaloreans have figured out a way to certify those interested in scuba.   

I was dragging my feet on whether or not I would join Doug for the certification.   Let's be honest, the equipment is heavy, I am not sure that flippers qualify as "footwear" and will the regulator really allow me to breather under water?  William was on board.  So would I really back out when my 14 year old son was going to get certified...I am not the most maternal but I am competitive and I didn't think I could be outdone physically by my child.    

Completed my first phase of certification, in record time
What was the tipping point?   Doug simply said, "the kids are growing up and what will we do together once they are gone?"   My mind sped ahead to the future, in 8 years it would just be the two of us...watching TV, running errands.   I don't golf, that ship has sailed, so my chance to develop a hobby with my spouse was now.    The classroom session was fine but there was still a pool test.   I will be honest, I was nervous - could i swim 8 lengths, tread water for 10 minutes or take my mask off under water and not freak out?  

Sunday March 6th, I showed up at the St. Joesph's school pool which was currently being occupied by a toddler swim class.   The school pool was a far cry from my neighborhood pool back in Michigan and it was not heated.    I put on two wet suits and learned how to organize my equipment.    The first 10 minutes in 3 feet of water were nearly the end for me.  I did freak out.  The instructor could tell that I was not there out my own volition.   I regrouped and just trusted they would not let me the end of the course, I enjoyed it!   I did struggle with removing my mask under water, putting it back on and breathing without the use of my nose.    I am praying there will not be an emergency in the future.   I passed, in record time.   It's an exhilarating feeling to push yourself mentally and physically.     I am looking forward to April 26th and my first ocean dive...however I do remind Doug I did this just for him :)   

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