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Thursday, March 31, 2011


There are a few things I wish I would have packed or shipped when I had a freight container to fill, but I am happy to say I am living with less.    The list of things I miss and have not found substitutes for is shrinking by the day as I get to know India, find new things to satisfy a sweet tooth or ways to quench the thirst to shop.   However I feel it's time to recognize the stream of visitors to Bangalore that are able to get me the little things and bring treats from home.   So here's to you, my fleet of mules:

Jacqui - while you have not made it here, you shipments of Cheetos and pop tarts helped us through the first weeks of utter chaos

Christi - Shipping a box of Tory Burch purchases I made days before my departure in August but didn't have a chance to wait for and Nolan's only pair of sneakers he left behind in the rush to get to India as well as letting in our cleaning lady every month

Julie R - chocolate chips, stain stick, People, InStyle, and M&Ms - satisfying on so many levels

Michael S- more M&Ms personalized with a "Miss U Becky" and in blue / gold (all Michigan fans relate) made me realize my friends mean a lot to me

Kim - pringles, hazelnut creamora, People, InStyle, Halloween decorations, Reefs, pictures of my god daughter and load of cards keep your spot as a BFF

Eliza -  a box of goodies, cocktail napkins and reminding others to send the pringles and more importantly keeping track of Rivard Street while I am gone

Tara - my credit card (thanks mom for mailing), M&Ms and pringles - thanks for the nice Italian dinner when you were here

Alma - load of Christmas Candy, earring backings and plenty of wine to drink once you arrived

Jason - a few magazines but more importantly breaking in our terrace furniture with 12 nights of beer drinking

Stacey - a massive shipment from target including Halloween costumes, towels and clothes; the spirit of the great pumpkin was alive and well in our household

Mom and Aunt Karen - new luggage packed with enough goodies from Costco to keep us happy for a month and our smokey Joe plenty of Christmas gifts

Michelle R- awesome homemade chocolates and itunes for William; given we don't have an oven - those hit the spot

Aunt Jane - for the kids just in time for Christmas (hence the gifts that Michael brought)

Scott - picking up another envelope of treats from Kim

Michael S - yes, back again, with video games and Michigan T-Shirt

Laurie M - a valentines shipment full of my favs - InStyle, movies, white choc pretzels

Lynne B- wine and chocolates, even if they are from Bangalore duty free - it means a lot

Fiona - beef jerky, granola bars, hamburger helper, peanut butter, jodphurs for Emma, bathing suits for all

Mom & Dad - hiking clothes for will and new duds from Nordstrom for me

Jillian's mom - Weeds Season 6 and Call of Duty Black Ops for Nolan

All in all, I am blessed in more ways than one and thankful for the bigger suitcases you packed to bring me treats or the extra postage you paid for to get us treats.   I don't feel that far away from all of you and know that facebook, skype, IM, SMS and many other things keep us close.

hats off to you,

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  1. Hi Becky - Shelly forwarded me a link to your blog and it has been a lot of fun to read about your adventures in India. I hope that you and your family are doing well! -Kristin (Barstow) Gebauer