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Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Days before Christmas!

My Mom and Aunt Karen (Dad's sister) arrived this past week hauling six 50 pound suitcases filled with necessities we cannot find easily or affordably in India.    I am not sure they had much room for clothes.   Unpacking the loot seemed to mimic the holiday classic, 12 days of Christmas but fortunate for us, it was 12 types of goodies:

1 MajicJack
2 bags of Skittles 
3 cans of Kraft Parmesan Cheese
4 pounds of pre-cooked / non-refrigerated bacon
5 boxes of Crystal Light Ice Tea
6 boxes of ready to eat hash browns - just add water
7 Brownie Lollipops
8 oz Stove Top Stuffing
9 packs of Pringles
10 Servings of Mrs Grass Chicken Soup
11 Christmas Gifts (to be disclosed post Dec 25th)
12 pounds of Gummy Bears

Other things we asked my mom to bring over included a Smokey Joe Weber Barbeque, a David Yurman Necklace (replacement for the one that was stolen....thank goodness for eBay!), a Shutterfly photo album, 12 napkin rings from Pier One and portraits of the kids taken in the summer.    Now we can have a proper terrace gathering, call our friends home in the US for free via the MajicJack (yes the infomercials are true), decorate the walls, share photos from home with new friends and eat processed food!

It was a timely Christmas treat food is both emotional and physical when it comes to comfort.   Of all the things that bring us a moment of peace and calm the regular sibling fighting; food from home is the cure.  

New Choos!  On Massive sale of course!
 For those of you that are thinking, where are the shoes!  Well the Jimmy Choo chocolate suede 5" sandals are on their way via Michigan along with the Tory Burch black marabou feather skirt.   While India might no do high fashion, I can no longer be without it.   Now that the Harper's Bazaar and InStyle subscriptions have finally been forwarded to Bangalore; I won't loose my cool.

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