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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Singapore Sling

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
One of the benefits of taking a foreign assignment is the lure of fabulous weekend trips to exotic places - whether that be within India or to neighboring countries.   Well work, life, and just being plain tired, the weekend has become my respite and I savor a few extra hours in bed or simply sitting on the terrace.   In mid-November I realized I had only had 1 day off in the last 4 months and one of my favorite peeps was working in Singapore.   Could I work it out?  Could I make it for a weekend by myself?   Would Megan be up for a guest?  The answer to all of the above was a resounding YES.

December 10th I boarded my Air India flight for Singapore.   Now the morning of the flight I was having massive reservations about boarding airline with a less than perfect safety record.    I was pleasantly surprised - food, service, flight attendants in Saris - and it was on time.    The first major difference about Singapore was the orderly fashion in which the entire airport worked, complete with fast moving queues, holiday decorations and luggage that was waiting for me on the belt.    A quick taxi ride to fabulous Sushi and I knew I was on my way to prime relaxation.      Since Megan is living in Singapore, she found us the best digs in town at the Marina Bay Sands
hotel, which is three towers with a floating sky park resembling a cruise ship anchored across the top.

World's highest infinity pool

Club level hotel with a balcony, breakfast, floating in the worlds highest infinity pool (200m or 57 floors above the city streets) and sipping rose champagne in the sun - refreshed me like nothing else.    More sushi and realizing I was sunburned, we packed it up for a day of shopping on Sunday.    I can fully say I have never seen this volume of shoppers in a seemingly endless string of high end stores before.    From Louis to Gucci, wine bars or sushi, Toys R Us and Banana Republic; my senses were on overload.     Singapore exuded excess which is a stark contrast to my daily surroundings.    The boulevards were draped with stars and the intersections flocked with Christmas Trees as faint holiday tunes filled the air from neighboring stores.   I loaded my suitcases with Max Mara, Banana Republic, Toys R Us, Takashimaya, and other stocking stuffers.    Best of all it was good to have a friend who knows how it feels to be a million miles from home and establishing yourself at work.     Conversation consoles and we all need a little of that.

It's a very Berry Christmas in Singapore at Takashimaya

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