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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hard Rockin' in Bangalore

It's nearly a month since the last post and I have to admit I don't know where the time goes.    Aside from having severe laryngitis and a cold that made its way through each member of my family...November and December have been pretty eventful.   Doug and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on November 24th and that happened to be my 37th birthday as well.  Unfortunately I was sick so we settled for dominos and watching a rerun of Mad Men.     We celebrated Thanksgiving at a The Only Place restaurant, full turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy.   It was actually quite nice to eat favorite foods on a favorite holiday.   

Around December 4th, we were feeling better and needed a break.  We headed to the Hard Rock Cafe-Bangalore, which is housed in a historic buidling that is super cool.    Indulging in bugers, hot wings, nachos, margaritas and milkshakes - we enjoyed every minute of the dinner.    The whole experience transported us back to America and temporarily kicked our homesick blues.    What american experience would be complete without a trip to the souvenir shop - four t-shirts and $100 later, all were happy and managed not to fight the entire ride home.    

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