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Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Packing Tip

So this entry is kudos to a co-worker who listens to my personal and corporate complaints. When I was making a list of things to pack; the best tip I received was to pack my portable French press coffee pot and some coffee. The advice that accompanied that tip was, no matter how bad the flight or the first day seems to be going – you can always boil water and have a good cup of coffee. This proved to be indispensible after 23 hours of transit, a 2 hour ride from the airport to my new house, a frantic dog (see Doggy Business entry) and a litter box instead of a bed (see Love thy neighbor entry). Megan (the expert tipster) is also on her expat journey for the second time with Accenture in Singapore; while we are not working together right now…we enjoy the basics in life: coffee, yoga and good shoes. Aside from enjoying good coffee each day I am here, I am comforted by the fact I can reach her during my regular office hours and get some consolation that this is the right journey to be on and all the growing pains are just “normal.”
Namaste my friend.

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