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Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day of School

The kids started school on August 23rd at TISB (The International School Bangalore), check out their website which also happened to be William's 14th birthday. Now, the kids have been pretty upbeat about India, no real reservations, but that morning was tense! First of all they started off their day at 6:15 am, shower and breakfast. Since we had only been in the country for about 60 hours, our grocery selection was pretty slim. I resisted the $8 box of poptarts and opted for the "Honey O" cereal and some milk. Next they had to wear uniforms for the first time in their lives and these are not so comfy...think stiff starched shirts, ties (except for Nolan), polyester pants and black tie shoes that seem like they were left over from the British occupation. I was able to capture one quick shot on our front porch before the 5 of us with dog in tow walked down to the bus stop. The bussing for children is very well managed, a teacher rides the bus, the routes are labeled, kids have assigned seats and they take attendance! Not as much fun as the years i rode a bus in Michigan with one lone bus driver and 70 kids hopping all over the place while a skinny eigth grader tried to act as a safety... The kids marched on the bus and it pulled away. For the first time, I was actually sad to see them go to school...I didn't cry at daycare drop offs, or first day of kindergarten, but seeing them drive off to a new school in a foreign country was a like a knife in the heart. I wasn't sure we had done the right thing. They were back home at 415 in good spirits and having already made friends...we celebrated with Domino's pizza (see Hello May I take your order? for that ordeal) and collapsed by 830 pm.


  1. Becky - OMG!! It is 5 am on Saturday morning..I never sleep...I am doubled over laughing reading your blog and in disbelief of another MORE CRAZY neighbor...really...oh my! I love your sense of humor, tenacity and positive attitude. I can't believe your journey and you should write a book...'Me, My Family, and Dog Trying to Work in India'.

  2. The neighbor angle is quite Maria says...never mind the HR career, let's see what the writing brings with all this fabulous content. How can you take Jami for a walk with all those cats around? I'd like a video of that please... :)

  3. Great stories - happy to hear you all made it in one piece. The kids are adorable. I second what Fiona said ... I see a script purchase in your future!

  4. Hi Becky--Thanks for your great posts! Glad you are all there and getting settled.
    What great stories already....hope the kids are also keeping journals!