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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gypsy Genes

In the 15 years I have worked for Accenture I have had 8 different jobs and I am now beginning number 9. I guess you could call this career ADHD. However, I think this is the running theme of my life – Change – if there is not enormous change I am depressed. Looking back the change stacks up: 3 houses in 10 years, 3 kids in the first 6 years of marriage, running a retail store while working for Accenture. Fortunately I have a very supportive family and extensive network of stellar friends. I am an all or nothing kind of gal, on or off, full steam ahead or sleeping. This is my best and worst quality because it is the root of my stress (all self-induced) and the cause of most spousal arguments. (Doug sorry to air our dirty laundry.) However I am getting better thanks to yoga.
Recently I read my horoscope, I am a Sagittarius. It reminded me that we are always on the run, in search of the next thing. The horoscope said to control my gypsy tendencies. I am not sure that is possible or something I really want to do. I think those gypsy genes keep me on my toes and help me get through highs and lows, reorganizations at work, renovations at home and bad hair days. I am embracing my inner gypsy on this journey and trying to let go of control by turning over household management to Doug, subjecting myself to Indian traffic and leaving my comfort foods in the US. Plus embracing your inner gypsy has a certain fashionable side that works for India: long skirts, bangles and sandals. I think the inner gypsy is now the outer gypsy. Hope you like her too!

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  1. How I long to return to India– I was a small child when I left, and have been slogging around this planet for the last fifty years like a gypsy. Maybe next year I will gather up my wife and take her to New Delhi, where I was born. But Mumbai and the south are very appealing to us, as vegetarians. But either north or south, India possesses the most complex, delicious and richest variety of cuisines anywhere.

    Best of luck to you and Doug and the kids in your great adventure. Keep that Inner Gypsy burning strong... and tell India for me that I am on my way home.

    Mario Vickram Sen