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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

So as many of you know I have had a trying relationship with my neighbor in my home town. Much of it has been resolved either by us giving into their demands or ignoring the situation. You would think I would be selective when choosing a home to avoid any neighbor issues. I seem to be a magnet for crazies! The lady across the street has 50 cats, yes 5 – 0, and also owns a house one block down just for cats. I think the Palm Meadows Neighborhood Association was clamping down today and she was not happy. I don’t understand Hindi but it was really a scene. Now I can certainly live with a crazy cat lady but when her cats break into my house in use the bedroom as a litter box, then we have problems. See attached picture, this is what one room looked like when I arrive on August 19th. All cleaned up now and all screens securely fastened but our dog still is going crazy.

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