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Monday, October 25, 2010

Calling all the Beautiful People- this Brunch is for You!

Becky's Mojito, Shiro's Interior
and Doug's Bloody Mary

Sundays in Bangalore are synonymous with Brunch.  Most hotels, gated community clubs and restaurants offer a Sunday brunch with unlimited drinks.   Assuming you have read my previous blogs, it's no surprise I am taking advantage of this offer.    Like a dog to his bone, I could not stay away.    This week, Doug and I ordered the kids Domino's and headed to the swanky Shiro located in UB City which is the priciest mall ever (resembling an Italian castle and Michelangelo's ceilings).   We quickly strolled past Rolex, Burberry, Omega, Etro and a slew of other high end stores void of customers to the upper level in search of life.    Parking was full but the stores were empty because everyone was eating.   Noodles, crepes, pasta and a wine bar line the open air pavilion with a nice overlook to the city's sprawling landscape.   I felt like I was in Southern California and I liked it.    Up the stairs we climbed to Shiro - our final destination - in search of fusion cuisine and promises of sushi.   After leaving Michigan, Doug was going through a withdrawal  on Japanese food.     We were immediately seated on the Terrace next to the 20 foot Buddhist priestess water fountain and perched perfectly for people watching.    

And then the menu arrived.   This is not your typical brunch, most people arrive between 12:30 - 1pm and there is only one round of seating - you eat for almost 4 hours.    Drinks on the left, food on the right.    Shiro serves only Grey Goose vodka for their choices of 10 martinis, offers 3 flavors of mojitos, two daquiris, three wines (good choices), Kingfisher beer and regular mixed drinks.    Like a kid in a candy store - do I take the cranberry mojito or a lemon drop martini.   Well given the afternoon, I passed up the martini and opted for the mojito.   Delicious!    Doug tried the martini and then the food started to arrive. Instead of lining up at a buffet and reaching into a common vat of some unknown dish, Shiro prepared a delightful tasting of starters brought to you and served table side.   The only walking we did was to the Sushi Bar.     The Sushi was mainly cooked fish in California rolls, tempura or other cucumber concoctions but it had the right flavor and consistency.    You know you are used to Indian cuisine when the Wasabi no longer makes your eyes water.     Four hours later and four drinks down the hatch, the 80s music had gotten louder and I felt like it was a Friday night crowd.    Singing, dancing, ordering shots, the crowd was unlike anything I had seen in India thus far.    As for the beautiful people, designer duds, short summer dresses, aviator sunglasses and sky high heels breezed by our table.    I whispered to Doug I know where to bring the girls when we have visitors.    As for me, the zebra stilettos busted out in Bangalore for the first time and it felt GOOD!

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