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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oktoberfest in India

This week Munich celebrated it's 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest.    India could not be left out of that fun - they are huge beer drinkers and love many things German.   Many Indians learned German as a second or third language, lots of Germans vacation here and most Indian websites have Hindi, English and German as options for the text!    I guess with a name like Schmitt we should feel right at home. 

I had a business trip to Hyderabad which coincided with a client visit from a German Automotive group...Indians also are terrific we set up Oktoberfest here for all to enjoy.   The Westin hosted our event complete with jalapeno poppers (not really German but satisfied my need for processed cheese), soft pretzels, chicken fingers and fish sticks (out of place, I know).      The ballroom was lined with long tables and low benches sporting glass Kingfisher mugs and make shift draft beer stations on each table.    Now this is where Oktoberfest converts to India flavor - we were served only one type of beer - Kingfisher (is there any other?) and were entertained by a fashion show, hip hop dancing, Indian ethnic dancing and two hosts that reminded me of Sonny and Cher.     The best part about the entertainment is that it was all provided by our employees that work on the automotive account.    Darling Indian women sported after five dresses - all in black, bearing their shoulders and the men had on dapper vests and ties.      The hip hop dancers donned GAP hoodies, converse sneakers and Levi's jeans - truly looking like any mall rats you see in the US.    The Desi dancers (Desi means local in Hindi) had amazing Punjabi suits, flowing scarves and absolutely floated across the stage.    This rhapsody of sight and sound was topped off by our guests participating on the catwalk.    What could be more Indian than grown men in Lederhosen escorted by our team down a stage to Lady Gaga.    Oh what a night!

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