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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scene and be Seen

The kids had their first adventure in Bangalore in more ways than one. We are finally getting settled, not having to spend our Saturdays running errands. Doug is able to get our family organized during the week so Saturday is a time for fun together. Two of the best things about being in India are that we have to be together (yes, that is also the negative for a teen and pre-teen) and exploring together. Now Bangalore is not the ultimate tourist destination but you can see some of the gardens that have made Bangalore an attractive spot to live coupled with the consistent weather. Lalbagh is the city's botanical garden that has a place for snow white, a granite hill with a Hindu temple, a gorgeous glass pavilion, a lake and tons of trees made for climbing. It was originally a royal garden and covers 40 acres. Doug and I enjoyed the walk through the garden, however the kids were hot and kept asking when I would open the can of Pringles in my purse. Additionally, my shoe moment was that sneakers with ankle socks do not prevent the red ants for getting to you....Ouch! The really interesting part of this sight seeing trip was that the kids seemed to be the focus for the local people. I felt like Britney and paparazzi, every time Emma and I turned around some random guy was taking our picture and groups of people approached us asking to be photographed with them. I was prepared as this happened to us in June, but it was very disconcerting to Emma and Nolan. We certainly see lots of other European looking folks around Bangalore but a blond family in rather local place draws attention. My advice, smile - you will never see the pictures anyway.

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