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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jimmy, Tod, Christian and Tory have landed in India!!!

On July 26th we packed up our house in Grosse Pointe. The neighbors watched as mattresses, bikes, golf clubs and countless unmarked boxes were loaded on the truck.    It was a mad dash - we were expecting to be boarding our fight only 48 hours later.   Doug and I hauled everything we could think of to the front door.  Here is what we missed:  TV,  rattan end tables, office supplies (scissors, pens, glue), rolling pin, plastic glasses, movies, blankets etc... BUT what I did not skimp on was my shoes.   It was a laborious task to sort through the 200 boxes of labeled shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers in my closets.  I live in a 1930's house, so my collection is spread across every closet on the second floor.  I skipped the boot closet for the most part -I was heading to India but I couldn't resist one pair of Frye Riding boots (in case we go to Katmandu), Tory's summer suede booties and a sassy pair of open too Jimmy Choo booties.   At the time, these seemed like a necessity for Jeans, summer dresses and heading out to dinners.   My life has had none of those things thus far - too hot for jeans, my summer dresses are too revealing and most our dinners involve the kids = not sassy!    I am happy I included every pair of flat sandals and ballet shoes I own as the streets and sidewalks are uneven, sandy and usually fairly sketchy.    Additionally, if you have any sort of personal space issues - avoid the elevators.  I find myself walking up four flights of stairs daily to my office and another four flights to the cafeteria.     Flat shoes are now considered exercise equipment because most days the up and down the stairs 3-4 times is all the exercise I get.    Finally all my heels are lining up provide hiding places for dust bunnies and I fear real bugs...I am usually taller than most people barefoot, so the 4 inch louboutins and Tod's strappy sandals are waiting for the other expats to arrive and invite me out...

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