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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avoiding Late Fees

Blockbuster doesn't exist in India- or I have not seen one yet, but we do have a small movie rental place in our gated community. In order to be a member of the movie rental we had to join the pool club; it's not clear how they are related to us either. The deposit is Rs500 (which is about $11USD) and you can rent a movie for Rs50 (or about $1.20) which is much cheaper than the US Blockbuster chain which I think averages $4.99USD. We took advantage of this local store and rented Night At the Museum 2 on Saturday night, we had already seen the movie, but our choices for new release DVDs were quite limited. Fast forward to last night, Tuesday, the doorbell rings at 7pm. The clerk from the movie store came on his scooter to collect the movie. I guess there are no late fees in India.

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