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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barbeque Nation

This entry is for all my foodie friends as well as those who think they do not like Indian food. We have been in India for 5 weeks now and have been very open to any and all things served to us. Initially we were worried about the spice level, but it's not so much the "heat" of the food but the "flavor" of the spice that we are getting used to. Bangalore has not shortage of options and I have learned from my colleagues that this is the place in India where you really can find anything if you are willing to pay or trot all over town. Other metropolitan cities in India have less options for Western people but somehow with the influx of expatriates to Bangalore, the options abound. That being said, you can buy Lays Potato Chips, however they are masala flavored. We ordered Nachos at an Italian Restaurant, Little Italy (; apparenty in India, Mexican is also found at Italian restaurants however I still miss Taco Bell Nachos Belle Grande. You can also stop at McDonalds and for the equivalent of $2.50 USD you can get a Chicken Masala Mac (Indian version of a Big Mac) combo meal - again I prefer the two all beef paties with the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, toasted on a seasame seed in bun.

When we stop trying to find the replacement for our favorites in India, we actually quite enjoy the food and have come up with a short list of some preferred menu items and one FAVORITE restaurant. Having a cook now for the last two weeks has also improved our dining experience, as she is fabulous at making what we like with the right Indian "flavor" and has cut down the time wasted deliberating what's for dinner??? So if you are new to India, here are my recommendations for eating:
Dosas - they are like big puffed slightly crispy bread items which you can dip in gravies or chutneys
Biryani - this can be very spicy, so I recommend using the yogurt sauce the provide on the side as sort of a "cool me off sauce"
Chippati - when it's fresh and homemade, quite tasty especially when you spread on some ghee (liquified butter) and cinnamon
Channa Masala - chick peas and herbs
Paneer - this has the look of tofu but it's actually Indian cottage cheese cut in cubes and when grilled with chili sauce you will lap it up
Tandoor meats - this is about the closest we come to slow grilled/ smoked meats- chicken, lamb are definitely delicious
Fruits- yes you can eat them and you will NOT get sick, we have been eating apples, oranges, goa, bananas, watermelo, cucumber and tomatoes...

So on to the favorite restaurant, Barbeque Nation was a massive hit with the kids (see pictures) as you have a live grill in your table. Unlimited kebobs - chicken, prawn, veggies, which sides that range from paneer to grilled mutton followed by an all you can eat Indian Buffet and a dessert bar that includes vanilla sundaes. All this for a price of Rs450 or about $10 for those over 12 and Rs 249 (half price) for Emma and Nolan. And if you make it at lunch time you get a complimentary adult beverage ....YUMMY planters punch and screwdrivers. We hope to get back soon, but if you are visiting me, I will surely drag you here because in addition to the mouth watering food, the atmosphere rocks and there is live music in the evening. Bangalore has three locations and my favorite is the rooftop in Koramangla. I'm hungry already!

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