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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waist Not!

I had this vision of myself in India; healthy, thin and glowing from my new vegetarian diet and increased yoga practice. I even packed my skinny jeans, the ones that really only fit me after a round of the flu back home. The future me allowed the old me back in Michigan to eat lots of hamburgers, fries, mixed drinks and everything I thought I would miss in India. I stopped checking in on my weight because I just knew that arriving in India would trigger any excess to melt away.

Let's review what I have been eating: chipatis (basically wheat, water, butter), dahl (beans), gravies (i am not sure what the ingredients are but all Indian food has some sort of gravy you dip the chipati in), masala potato chips, domino's pizza and a lot of cappucinos (non-fat milk is not an option). Healthy? Not so much. High carb, sugar and unknowns - you got it. Since the scale at the gym is only in kilograms, I haven't tried it because I am not sure I want to know or be forced to do the math. Clothes fit the same as when I arrived but those skinny jeans are still folded tightly on the shelf waiting to bust out in India.

I am on a mission to get healthy, find a cook that can follow the ayurvedic principles ( and get into a yoga routine again. Finding a yoga studio here is seemingly impossible because it seems that the local Indians don't really do yoga at a studio! I may have to organize my own class and get a teacher to come to my house or park. There is one positive option, a personal trainer for 20 one hour sessions a month for Rs4000 or roughly $90, I may have to indulge.

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