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Friday, September 3, 2010

Christmas in September!

I recently heard the saying that an army runs on it's stomach...well this platoon of 5 was headed for an ambush! We do like Indian food, and yes, you can buy American imported items, but things are just not quite the same. Today was a very exciting day at the house, we received a care package for our friends Jacqui, Lauren and Julia (see picture of the necessities - poptarts, cheetos, fruit roll-ups and gushers) and our air shipment arrived.
Generally I think of myself as a light packer, I can survive a week in Asia or Europe with one smaller roller bag and a purse/computer. I tried to be light but we still arrived with 20 bags between the five of us at the airport and then proceeded to spend $500 at SPAR (walmarts poorer sister store) on items like pot holders, salt-n-pepper shakers, paper towel, food, kitchen towels, pillows and so on. I packed the air shipment on July 27th, so I really could not remember what we were receiving. Just to give you a sense of how much life has been like camping, these were the items we got the most excited about opening:
-Queen sized bed blanket
-Bath towels
-crockery/ pots with handles and lids that fit
-legos (not really a necessity, but makes the kids happy thus me happy)
-cork screw
So happy days are ahead and our Sea shipment should be here in a few more weeks bringing mattresses, bikes, scooters, tennis rackets, clotheses, my 40 pairs of shoes (that will be it's own celebratory blog), bedding, more towels, peanut butter, miracle whip etc...
There was one additional surprise in the air shipment, apparently i shipped a package of turkey bacon. Disgusting you say? I agree. I knew I had purchased some in July but could never find it in the fridge, apparently it got packed and has been sitting in its air tight package for the last 5 weeks. We opted to carry that one right outside...I hope the cats across the street find it :)

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  1. Cute, Becks! Let me know if you want anything from here... Or perhaps I'll surprise you.